Fun Explorers

  • The Opportunity

    The Market

    Fun Explorers is part of LCF, which has been operating after school clubs since 1990. It was established to give children a unique opportunity to travel the world, experiencing a wide range of cultures and languages whilst remaining in a safe environment.

    Franchise Package

    A huge array of exciting activities awaits a ‘Fun Explorer’, including:

    • Performing the world famous ‘Haka’ in New Zealand
    • Dancing the ‘Samba’ in Brazil
    • Karaoke singing in Japan
    • Designing and making ‘talking drums’ in The Ivory Coast
    • Making and tasting ‘Mango Smoothies’ in India

    The Opportunity

    The children visit all corners of the globe, having huge amounts of fun through our structured and stimulating courses, learning traditional songs, festivals and dances, cooking traditional dishes, learning basic greetings and useful phrases as well as facts about each country itself such as the flag, size and population, where it is on the map, climate, types of animals, famous people, famous events, currency — the list really is endless.

    The idea is to give the children a real awareness of the differing cultures, languages and traditions from around the world in a fun exciting way. In turn, this will not only increase the children’s concept of the world, but will also help them to understand and appreciate that not everyone is the same but everyone must be appreciated. We hope to inspire children to become well read, well-travelled, knowledgeable, open-minded adults with a natural understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.

  • Your Business

    The Fun Explorers franchise consists of:

    • Dedicated program and lesson plans
    • Innovative resources and activity sheets
    • EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY for one year
    • NO competition
    • Huge unlimited earnings potential with excellent profit margins
    • Full training and support in order to establish your own business and clubs
    • Ongoing national marketing by Head Office

    Fun Explorers is generally run on school premises and can be operated as a part-time business or, by employing Club leaders (whom we train), you can cover a large area and earn a full-time income.

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